What Causes Acne and How To Treat it Effectively

May 24, 2022

Acne is a common skin condition disease, and almost no person remains safe from this and has to face it at some point in their life. It affects teenagers explicitly during puberty, but adults can also develop acne due to many reasons. Every other teenager and woman has faced acne issues due to inflammation of the skin. It isn't a dangerous condition but can sometimes be painful and decrease one's confidence in their looks.

It is characterized by increased sebum production by the sebaceous glands in the skin and acne breakouts that are pesky blisters and pimples over the face. Whiteheads, blackheads, and painful cysts and nodules are all different forms in which acne can present.

Acne Causes:

  1. Blocked pores:

Clogged pores are the main causative factor for acne. The pores can become blocked by oil, dead skin cells, and dirt. The dirt and debris further retain bacteria and oil, causing acne pimples to develop. Open pores on the skin fill with excess oil and dead skin and appear as if dirt has been deposited in the bump. These are in common terms called blackheads. Close pores containing oil and dirt are called whiteheads. Papules and pustules can also form.

  1. Fungi and Bacteria

Fungal acne (pityrosporum folliculitis) occurs when an excess yeast grows in the hair follicle. This causes them to become itchy and inflamed. Acne is also caused by the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. The bacteria releases enzymes that break down the oil into fatty acids. This further triggers acne and inflammation. The bacteria harbor open pores and pimples and turn them into pus secreting pustules.

3. Oily Diet:

A diet consisting of too much-fried stuff and oily fast food does contribute someway to causing acne. Applying oil-based products to the skin can also cause acne. The product works as an agent to trap dirt and dust thus causing acne.

4. Hormonal Changes:

Too much androgen production can also trigger acne. This is because androgen causes oil production, and the oil then feeds acne pimples and triggers breakouts. The changes in hormones near a women's period can also trigger acne.

5. Stress:

Stress and hormonal changes also show up on the face as acne breakouts, pimples, and blisters. Unfortunately, stressing about the spots and blackheads ruining your look might do more harm than good! Stress causes the body to release more cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones worsen acne.

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Is there a solution?

 Acne can be treated with care but requires lifelong skin maintenance, especially if your skin is acne-prone. Acne darkens the skin and leaves scars if not treated. Because acne is such a common skin condition, we have you covered with our products that would help you cope with it.

Following are simple tips that could help you heal acne faster

  • Use greens!

Improve your diet by eating a good diet enriched with Vitamins A and E. Therefore, including natural foodstuff like fruits lower the chances of developing acne.

  • Hydrate!

Hydration is vital for healthy skin. Drinking plenty of water is good for the body's metabolism and makes you appear fresh. If you'd like to add this to your acne treatment processes, you can check out our post on how much water should I drink to clear acne.

Your skin also needs hydration on top. This can be achieved by our Madamglow lightening serum.

You can use this to hydrate and moisturize your skin after you've done cleansing and toning your skin. The serum restores water and moisture to the skin cells making them better able to withstand the daily environmental stress.

Bottle - What Causes Acne and How To Treat it Effectively

Acne is kept at bay when your skin cells are moisturized, hydrated, and have the ability to fight free radical-induced damage. The serum also works in absorbing excess oil formed on the skin. The moisture retention prevents the skin from drying out and helps mattify the skin. The compounds in the serum also help in unclogging the pores and accelerate cell turnover.

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Directions for use:

Apply the serum to your face in small tapping motions with your fingertips or your palms. Do not excessively rub your skin. The serum absorbs into the skin on its own. 

  • Exfoliate!

Use an exfoliating soap as needed once or twice a day to prevent oil build-up and debris clogging the pores. This is pivotal to clearing acne. Be careful not to over-exfoliate the skin. Cleanse and massage the skin gently. Over-exfoliating the skin and being too harsh can trigger further oil production and squish the pimples. Squishing the pimples can lead to acne scars. An effective way to exfoliate is to use MadamGlow Exfoliating Soap, which contains citric acid. Citric acid works to remove the upper layer of dead skin and cleans the pores while brightening up the skin tone as well. This way, you can cleanse and clear your skin while making the skin glow.

Bottle - What Causes Acne and How To Treat it Effectively

The best part about this soap is that it is suitable for all skin types. It is nonirritating and is gentle on the skin. It does not cause any adverse reaction and makes the skin accept other skincare moisturizers. The grains of the exfoliating soap can help remove the blackheads giving your pores a cleaner look. Exfoliation also makes the skin smoother. The thorough cleaning will also help your skin become less prone to blemishes.

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Directions for use:

Apply the soap to wet skin. Apply to the face or body and exfoliate gently. Rinse well after use. Tap the skin dry. Avoid getting the soap into the eye. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.

Here are some results of exfoliation:

Face - What Causes Acne and How To Treat it Effectively

  • Clarify!

A key component of your skincare should be making your skin receptive to hydrating and moisturizing products. Only then would moisturizers benefit your acne-prone skin. Madamglow Clarifying Lotion makes skincare much easier. It provides some degree of exfoliation and makes the skin better absorb hydrating and moisturizing products.

Dynamite - What Causes Acne and How To Treat it Effectively

Using a toner for removing excess oil from the face can also work better if your skin is clean. In addition, it has the following benefits:

  1. Removing the dull and flaky skin leaves fresh and new skin cells on the top. This gives your face a glow.
  2. For oily skin types, clarify twice daily, which helps minimize the excess oil and keeps pores clear. With routine uses, it can reduce the pore size.
  3. For dry skin types, use twice daily. This also helps remove surface flakes that act as a barrier to absorbing moisture. Using it in routine also helps disappear the fine lines.
  4. Clarifying lotion can be used as a full face treatment or can be used as a spot treatment for correcting acne.
  5. The clarifying lotion helps in the quick healing of blemishes and reduces the potential for future breakouts.
  6. The lotion also contains substances that reduce inflammation and redness.
  7. The lotion doesn’t over-dry the skin and is an invisible, lightweight formulation that is not irritating to the skin.
  8. The antioxidants in the clarifying lotion can help in neutralizing the free radicals.

Face - What Causes Acne and How To Treat it Effectively

Directions for use:

Use twice a day, in the morning and at night. Apply the lotion with a cotton ball, and sweep it gently over the face and neck. It is for external use only. Avoid contact with the eye area and lips.

If you have acne issues and want to get clear skin, then using the products alone would not provide instant recovery unless you take care of your habits. First, don't spend so much time in the sun. Sun and heat can trigger sweat and acne, which can worsen the condition and make the products not work to their fullest. Keep yourself hydrated. Even if you don't have acne, you can use this three-product regimen, especially the exfoliating soap and serum, to keep the skin clear and free from pollution.

Now that you know what causes and prevents acne, you can better care for your skin using our skincare products. 

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