how to exfoliate your vagina

How To Exfoliate Your Vagina The Proper Way

Vulva exfoliation is not necessarily required it may become inherent for those who practice the act of bikini area hair removal. 

Bikini area hair removal may trigger side effects such as ingrown hairs bumps rash bacterial infection. 

Vulva exfoliation is an effective way to keep these side effects under control eliminate avoidable discomfort in the pubic area. Vagina exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin covering the vulva and its surrounding area notewhorthy this is an external procedure. A build up of dead skin cells on the vulva skin may lead to discomfort odor infection.  

There are several ways to exfoliate the vulva ranging from using gentle exfoliants to using laser hair removal in tough situations. Regardless of the method you choose to go by if Vulva exfoliation is your thing and you are looking for an easy sustainable home remedy solution this article is for you.




What is Vagina Exfoliation? 

Vagina exfoliation is technically scrubbing the vulva area to remove dead skin cells, not the vagina itself because the vagina is the internal canal.

This process focuses on the bikini line, outer labia, pubic area or mound. That is, the V-shaped area where pubic hair grows.

Exfoliation itself is the method of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to produce a new layer of skin.

Just as you can exfoliate your face, you can also exfoliate your vagina areas and vulva. Some doctors call it vulva facial. 

Naturally, your skin and the vagina area shed old skin cells, but may not totally eliminate all the dead cells. The remnants of the dead skin cell may clog hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs and other skin infections.

Exfoliating the vagina area or vulva once or twice a week does not only reduce risks of hair follicle infection, inflammation, shave bumps it also leaves the skin newer instantly brighter and glowing.

Exfoliation before and after hair removal will save you the side effects from pubic hair removal. It would get rid of these dead skin cells and debris that can block your follicles.  You can also get rid of existing ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating the surface of the ingrown hairs. This would soften the skin and release the trapped hairs.


How to Exfoliate Your Vagina

There have been some theories and experiments different people have come up with on how to exfoliate your Vagina but you need to do what works for you or get advice from bikini line experts and doctors. However, here's a general guide you can use.

  1. Wet the skin first with warm water
  2. Exfoliate the skin around your vagina. That is your vulva with a product that works for you.
  3. Exfoliate the crease of your inner thigh smoothly and gently.
  4. Go further to also touch the entire area on which hair grows but please do not exfoliate your inner labia.
  5. Consider using a mild product. Wash your hands clean to get rid of germs and bacteria apply your exfoliating product to your fingertips gently massage on desired area. No tool is required for this step. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells that may be clogging around that area. Be sure to cover the entire surface like the vagina suburb or pubic hair area or bikini area.
  6. Gently massage for 10 to 15 seconds. Maintain a time that works for you.
  7. Afterwards rinse your vagina with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel preferably a disposable towel.
  8. Apply a moisturizer to the area if needed.

When to exfoliate the Vulva.

The best time to exfoliate the vulva is before pubic hair removal procedure and after the procedure. Whether you are doing the procedure at home or getting it professionally done exfoliating before the procedure will help in removing bacteria dead skin cells which may clog the pores if not removed. Gentle exfoliation after will remove any bacteria unclog the pores prevent bacteria infection ingrown hair. 


    What To Use To Exfoliate Your Vagina.

    One of our favorite exfoliant to use in the pubic area is Elite Naturals exfoliating soap. Besides being gentle on skin the major exfoliating ingredient in this hyperpigmentation soap is Triticum Vulgare Bran(Wheat Bran). Triticum Vulgare Bran has anti-inflammatory properties extracts from this agent is typically used to treat Vaginal yeast infection it promotes skin regeneration wound healing. It works well on even sensitive areas of the skin such as the pubic area because it contains conditioning properties that prevent vaginal dryness itching or burning.  

    Hyperpigmentation exfoliating soap

    Reasons for Vagina Exfoliation

    1. To reduce ingrown hairs
    2. To get rid of dead skin cells
    3. To eliminate clogged pores
    4. To eliminate Acne
    5. To eliminate dry skin or irritation in the vulva area

    Advantages of Vagina Exfoliation

    1. Vagina Exfoliation helps to maintain healthy and hydrated skin in the vaginal area.
    2. Helps in removal of dead skin cells
    3. Reduces the risk of ingrown hairs around your pubic area
    4. It helps to improve proper blood circulation around the pubic area
    5. It helps to shed off dead skin and bring new and brighter skin
    6. It opens the pores and allows the moisturizer applied to work effectively.

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    Other Vagina Care Methods Similar To Exfoliation


    How to Care For Your Pubic Hair

    As the vulva or vagina area are prone to changes, bumps and lumps, using a gentle exfoliator on the vulva or the vagina area is better. Not on the vagina. You can do it in between waxing or shaving.

    It's okay to do this once or twice a week. If you usually have ingrown hair, you can do it up to three times per week.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Exfoliating the Vagina

    How do you prevent Bikini area from smelling bad.

    Personal hygiene is all that is needed to prevent the vulva and its environs from been bad to the smell. To eliminate odor:


    1. Exfoliate the area once or twice a week.
    2. Cleanse the area during your daily shower. Even splashing intentionally with water during a shower will help to eliminate odor. Use water in the area twice a day. 
    3. Wash the area between your legs properly and dry all moisture around that area.
    4. Change your underwear as often as twice a day.

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    How do I exfoliate my pubic area?

    To exfoliate your pubic area:

    1. Make use of Elite Naturals exfoliating soap
    2. What exfoliation does around the pubic area is to remove any dead skin and allow you to shave off properly. Do not use harsh exfoliants so as not to harm your pubic area.

    How to exfoliate vagina before waxing

    The best way to exfoliate vagina before waxing is usually about two days ahead of time. To start:

    1. Gently remove dry skin with an exfoliant using clean hands. A tool is not required for this step.
    2. Moisturize generously to return some moisture and hydration back to the skin.
    3. Then wax within a couple of days.


    Exfoliation done on vagina area the right way at the right time with the right product will help eliminate dead skin cells ingrown hairs razor bumps. 

    In the course of exfoliating your vagina, we advise you ensure that the product you use is right for you to avoid issues and complications.

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