How Much Water Should I Drink To Clear Acne? [Answered]

Jul 27, 2022

Hydration is one of the best things you can do to help your skin and maintain a healthy face. Water doesn’t just hydrate the skin; it also helps improve your immunity to fight bacteria and maintain your pH balance, so how much water should I drink to clear acne?

However, as much as water is good for keeping healthy-looking skin, it cannot be a substitute for acne treatment as there are more effective ways to effectively and permanently eliminate acne.

The most effective and faster way to eliminate acne is using the right skincare products. Skincare products are designed to hydrate, soothe and clear your skin.

When you add one good moisturizer, a cleanser, and acne treatment to your regimen, especially if you start at an early age, it's like giving your skin all the ingredients it needs to look its best.

What is An Acne?

An acne is a skin reaction that is caused by an overproduction of oil in the skin. This excess production of oil can trigger stress, hormones, or genetics. When this happens, your face will look clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells. The result is acne and blackheads.

How Your Skin Can Benefit From Regular Drinking of Water

  1. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration and constipation which are two likely causes of skin problems.
  2. Water is a mineral-rich beverage that helps to keep your body hydrated and healthy.
  3. Regular drinking of water helps to reduce stress and increase metabolism.
  4. Water also helps keep the body cool during hot weather.

It is important to note that as much as water can play a vital role in helping you maintain a healthy looking skin, it lacks the right ingredients required to effectively treat acne.

If Drinking water can’t clear acne, what can?

The right skincare product is the most efficient and best way to treat acne. When someone uses the right skincare product, it can clear acne faster and more effectively other than just drinking water.

Acne is caused when hair follicles become blocked by excessive oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.
However, it is mainly caused by irritation and inflammation of the skin that lead to blockage of sweat glands that decrease sebum production.

Products You Can Use to Clear Acne

There are several treatments available for acne treatment some of which are mentioned below:

1. Madamglow Exfoliating Soap

Madamglow exfoliating soap contains ingredients like glycerin and Sodium palmitate, which act as a surfactant and cleansing ingredient, helping to lift oils and dirt from the skin, making it easier to be washed away.

How to Apply Madamglow Exfoliating Soap

  1. The first step is washing your hands properly.
  2. Touching a little of water and the soap together
  3. Rub gently on your face in a circular motion
  4. Continue to massage it on your face and allow it to penetrate deep into the skin for 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. Rinse off the soap and pat your face with a clean and dry towel. You can go further to watch the video on how to use the soap.

Benefits of Madamglow Exfoliating Soap

  1. Fades hyperpigmentation
  2. Fades acne scars
  3. Reduces acne inflammation
  4. Restore even skin tone
  5. Promotes healthy-looking skin
  6. Promotes radiance

2. Madamglow Serums

The Madam Glow lightening serum is an effective treatment for an acne prone skin due to its composition of acne fighting ingredients such as Benzyl Alcohol and Propylene Glycol.

How to Apply Madamglow Serums

  1. Open the serum and put two to three drops on your face
  2. Pat it gently on your skin, and you are good to go. To watch how to apply it, click here.

Benefits of using Madamglow's Serum

  1. Fades hyperpigmentation
  2. Fades acne scars
  3. Reduces acne inflammation
  4. Restores even skin tone
  5. Promotes healthy-looking skin
  6. Promotes radiance

3. Witch Hazel Clarifying Lotion

Madamglow clarifying lotion has Witch Hazel products incorporated in it. So the Witch Hazel clarifying lotion contains benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol which prevent infection caused by bacteria and help the body shed rough or dead skin cells.

Benzoic acid and benzoyl peroxide, an alternative to salicylic acid, combines skincare products to treat acne, skin irritation, and inflammation. It is suitable for all skin and clears severe and mild acne.

How to Apply Witch Hazel Clarifying Lotion

  1. Cleanse the affected area with Madamglow Exfoliating soap first
  2. Then dampen a cotton ball with acne toner
  3. Wipe gently on the face and neck twice daily

Benefits of Madamglow Witch Hazel Clarifying Lotion

  1. Clears old breakouts and prevents the formation of new ones
  2. Triple action lotion
  3. Skin conditioning
  4. Keeps skin hydrated to prevent more breakouts
  5. Protects skin from environmental aggressors
  6. Soothes the skin
  7. Has an antioxidant effect


Hydrating your skin with water will help improve the appearance of your skin. So what does all this mean? Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is essential for overall health, but for acne, there are specific products you need.

The product you need to clear your acne completely effectively are:

  • Madamglow exfoliating soap
  • Madamglow Serums and
  • Witch Hazel clarifying lotion

The exfoliating soap would help reduce acne breakouts by removing excess oil from your pores. If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin type, this soap could also benefit you.

Witch Hazel clarifying lotion will remove rough lines, wrinkles, and dry patches on your face. While the serum will remove puffiness under the eyes and help smooth out blemishes on your skin.

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