Clarifying lotion- Acne Prone Skin
Clarifying Lotion Madamglow Acne Prone Skin

Clarifying lotion- Acne Prone Skin

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Acne clarifying lotion enriched with exfoliating agents plant extracts and humectants it eliminates acne inflammation including cystic acne hormonal acne whiteheads blackheads balances out sebum production heals and closes the pores transforming skin back to a good texture and feel. Keeps acne away for good.


How to use:  Cleanse affected area apply lotion to affected area using a cotton pad. Maybe applied twice daily.





Clears old breakouts prevents formation of new ones.

Triple action lotion. 

Skin conditioning

Keeps skin hydrated to prevent more breakouts.

Protects skin from environmental aggressors.

Soothing to skin.

Antioxidant effect.

Fragrance free.