Mixing Foundation With Moisturizer: Is This A Good Idea?

Sep 29, 2022

Moisturizers and foundations have been a part of beauty and cosmetics products for as long as we can remember. When you're in the mood to mix things up, you might be tempted to take your foundation and mix it with a moisturizer. It's easy enough to do, but before you go for it, consider these factors first:

Few Things to Consider Before Mixing Your Foundation With a Moisturizer

1. Good Quality Foundation Has More Pigments

A good quality foundation would have more pigments than a cheaper brand. This means that the coverage is better and it will last longer. It's also usually more expensive because of this. If you want to try mixing your own foundation, then get some good-quality stuff and mix it with your moisturizer.

2. Your Skin Type Matters

You should choose a moisturizer based on your skin type.

For different skin types, look for glycerin, glycolic acid, and witch hazel in the ingredients list.

Glycerin helps your skin retain water, giving it a supple, youthful appearance.

Glycolic acid helps to fight acne and prevent hyperpigmentation and wrinkles while witch hazel helps to remove excess oil and prevent skin irritation and inflammation of the skin.

All these ingredients and more work together to keep your skin healthy when you mix your moisturizer with foundation.

A very good moisturizer we recommend is the Purifying face cream which contains ingredients that will keep your skin glowing and radiant every time, no matter what time of the day it is.

3. Not All Moisturizers Can Be Mixed with Foundation

When mixing your foundation with a moisturizer, it is important to choose one that has the same type of consistency.

For example, if you choose a thick moisturizer to mix with your foundation, the end result will be too thick and uncomfortable to wear.

Why Mix Foundation With Moisturizer?

Mixing foundation with moisturizer is a great way to customize the coverage you get from your foundation.

For example, if you use a liquid foundation and want more of a matte finish, mixing it with a moisturizer will help create that effect. It's also a good idea to mix both types of foundations: liquid and powder.

The two products will work together as one product to give your skin the right amount of coverage without looking cakey or overdone and even better yet, they'll help keep your skin hydrated at the same time.

Benefits of Mixing Foundation With Moisturizer

1. It Gives You A Natural Glow

You can achieve a natural glow by mixing your foundation with moisturizer. When you mix the two together, the foundation sinks into your skin and gives it a glowing and healthy look.

This can be done by mixing equal amounts of foundation and moisturizer in a small bowl, then rubbing it onto your face with fingers or a brush.

If you want to go for an even more luminous look, add some highlighter powder to the mixture before applying it to your skin.

2. It Gives You A Radiant Finish

You should never have to sacrifice the look of your skin for the sake of making sure your foundation is long-lasting.

The key is to choose a good moisturizer that will help your skin stay hydrated, even in the middle of winter when things can get really dry.

This way, you'll be able to wear your foundation without having to worry about it cracking or flaking off because it's too dry.

When you find a moisturizer that works well with your skin type and needs, use it as part of your daily routine so that when you put on makeup later in the day (or at night), there won't be any problems with caking up.

3. It’s A Great Way to Save Money

When it comes to makeup, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get what you want. One way of doing this is by mixing foundation with moisturizer. You can save money on both products.

DIY: How to Mix Foundation With Moisturizer

1. Get Your Foundation

Before you start mixing your foundation with a moisturizer, it's important to make sure that you have a good quality foundation. The best way to do this is by choosing one that is closest to your skin tone.

If the color of your foundation is too light or dark, it won't work properly when mixed with moisturizer.

Make sure that the foundation isn't expired or too old; otherwise, its effectiveness will be diminished and could cause problems such as irritation and breakouts on your face.

In addition to checking for expiration dates, look for specific attributes such as consistency (i.e., not too thick or thin), smell (i.e., not strong odors), etc., so that you can tell whether or not the product will work well with your other ingredients before even putting them together.

2. Get Your Moisturizer

Now that you know your foundation is the right consistency, it's time to find a moisturizer.

Moisturizers help keep your skin hydrated and healthy, which helps it look great. You should pick a moisturizer that matches your foundation in both consistency and coverage: if your foundation is light, then look for something light too. If it's medium or full coverage, select one that also has some coverage.

3. Prepare The Two Products

Mixing foundation with moisturizer is a great way to get more coverage. You can add more foundation or less foundation, depending on how much coverage you want.

It's best to mix the moisturizer and foundation in a small bowl so that you can see the consistency as you go.

How to Apply The Mixed Foundation And Moisturizer

Step 1: Dampen Your Brush with Water

Dampen your brush with water. Use a makeup brush to apply foundation and moisturizer, but before you do, dampen it with water—just enough to create a light mist on the bristles of the brush.

This will help spread the product evenly over your face without too much rubbing or tugging at your skin (and no one likes a tugged-at face).

Tap off excess liquid from your brush by gently tapping on a tissue or towel until no more water droplets come out of it when squeezed lightly between your fingers or thumb and forefinger.

Step 2: Spray The Foundation And Moisturizer Mixture onto Your Brush

Once you've mixed the moisturizer and foundation together, you will want to evenly distribute that mixture onto your brush.

Make sure not to get too much on there. You can use a foundation brush for this; it'll help keep things even and smooth.

Alternatively, if you have a makeup sponge lying around, that works too.

Step 3: Spread The Product in a Circular Motion on Your Face, Focusing on Your Cheeks, T-zone, and Jawline

Now it's time to apply the product. Start by spreading the foundation in a circular motion on your face, focusing on your cheeks, T-zone, and jawline.

Spreading the product with a brush will ensure that you don't miss any spots while also keeping your fingers away from getting stained—a win/win situation!

Step 4: Evenly Blend The Product Out Across Your Neck and Chest

To even out the product and make sure it's not too thick in places, use a flat foundation brush or a damp sponge to smooth over your skin. You can also use your fingers or a makeup sponge.

Step 5: Apply More to Any Areas Where You Need Additional Coverage

Now that you’ve used a foundation brush to apply the mixture all over your face, use either your hands or a makeup sponge to lightly blend out the edges and any areas where you think you need additional coverage.


Mixing foundation and moisturizer is a great way to customize your makeup routine. The best thing about this DIY is that it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

If you have oily skin, try using less moisturizer in the mix. If your face feels dry or flaky, add more foundation into the mix to balance out the texture.

Remember, not all products are created equal and some may not work well together! Always test them out first so you don't waste time or money on something that doesn't suit your needs.

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