can you use moisturizer as primer

Can You Use Moisturizer as Primer?

Moisturizer and primer are both skin care products, but they have some differences in their functions. Primer is a makeup product that smooths the skin's surface to prepare it for makeup application. It can also help make your foundation last longer without creasing or caking.

Moisturizer hydrates dry or oily areas of your face and keeps your skin looking young by increasing collagen production.

So what does this mean for you? Can you use moisturizer as primer? Yes, you can use moisturizer as primer and in this post, we'll be looking at some of the reasons why this is possible.

A primer is a product used to create a smooth base for makeup. It's meant to help skin look brighter and younger, and it also makes it easier for makeup to stay on longer.

A moisturizer is an important part of your skincare routine because it keeps your face hydrated throughout the day. It doesn't have the same benefits as a primer, but you can also use them together if you want.

What Does a Makeup Primer Do?

Primer is a skincare product that helps prolong the wear of your makeup and make it look more even.

Think of primer as a base for your face, like paint primer for walls. It’s not an essential product if you’re just going to be wearing mascara or tinted moisturizer, but if you want to use foundation or concealer on top of your skin, then it makes sense to use primer first.

Primers are most useful when they help with makeup application because they can smooth out fine lines and uneven skin tone so that the colors underneath them go on more smoothly.

Some primers contain ingredients (including silicone) that actually increase water resistance by forming a barrier between the moisture in your face and anything else applied overtop; this means that these formulas might help keep things hydrated for longer too.

What Does a Moisturizer Do?

A moisturizer is a cosmetic product that hydrates the skin by helping it retain moisture. They can be used as an alternative to water when washing your face, or they can be applied directly to the face to help hydrate and moisturize dry areas.

A good moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated, soft and smooth, while also providing protection against environmental damage such as sunburns. A good moisturizer will also contain ingredients like glycerin or witch hazel that help to relieve skin irritation and soothe skin inflammation and also promote healing in damaged skin tissue.

Depending on your unique needs, there are many different types of moisturizers available. Some products come with additional vitamins or minerals added in for extra benefits.

If you're interested in purchasing one but aren't sure which type would suit you best or if perhaps none seem quite right just yet then I would recommend the purifying face cream.

Each one of these products contain moisturizing ingredients that are very good and essential for your beautiful skin.

Reasons Why You Can Use Moisturizer as Primer

Just like moisturizer is a great base for your skin, it can also be a great base for makeup. It will help your makeup last longer and look better.

You may think that using a moisturizer as a primer is going to make your makeup look unnatural or cakey but this isn't true at all. Here are some of the reasons why your moisturizer can also double as a primer.

1. It's an Excellent Base for Makeup

Moisturizers help your skin stay hydrated and plump, which means your foundation will go on smoother (and more evenly) in the morning before you're even out of bed.

That's not all—moisturizers also have beneficial ingredients like glycolic acid which can be quite useful to help fight acne and promote cell turnover to keep your complexion looking fresh even after a long day of wearing makeup.

A little goes a long way with moisturizer! Because it's so concentrated, one small pump or dab is all you need for an effective application under your foundation. This makes it easy to get full coverage without having any extra product left over at the end of the day when you're ready to remove it from your face again.

2. Moisturizer Will Make Your Makeup Look More Natural

Moisturizers can serve as an additional layer of protection against dry skin, which will help your makeup look more natural. If you’re wearing a foundation or tinted moisturizer, the moisturizer underneath it can give you a smoother application and make your foundation go on smoother.

It adds smoothness, evenness, and glow to the skin. It also helps the primer go on easier. You might not see this as a huge deal but if you're wearing makeup every day, even just using moisturizer will help your skin look healthier overall.

3. Moisturizer Will Help Your Makeup Last Longer

Moisturizer does a great job at helping your makeup last longer and stay in place.

While it may seem counterintuitive, using moisturizer as an under-eye primer can help to lock in the look of your concealer, foundation, and powder.

The skin around the eye area is very delicate and sensitive because it's not only thinner than on other parts of the face (which means less oil production), but it also lacks sebaceous glands that produce oils throughout the rest of our bodies.

For this reason alone, moisturizing before applying makeup is essential for preventing dryness and irritation that could lead to worsening conditions like eczema or rosacea later on down the road.

What’s the Difference Between A Primer and A Moisturizer?

1. Primer is a Product Used to Prepare The Skin for Makeup Application

It creates a smooth, even base that helps makeup stay in place for longer, making it appear more natural and vibrant.

Primers can also fill in fine lines and wrinkles, making them appear less visible through your foundation or concealer.

In contrast, moisturizer is usually applied after cleansing the face to refresh your skin and make it feel softer. The moisturizer also helps protect against dryness while keeping oil production at bay—but it might not really have any effect on how long your makeup lasts throughout the day.

2. Moisturizer is a Product Used to Hydrate The Skin

It's typically applied to your face, neck, and other parts of the body that are prone to dryness, irritation, or sun damage.

Moisturizers usually come in cream or gel form and can be found in jars or tubes. When you apply moisturizer to your face, it helps prevent dryness as well as irritation from things like shaving.

If you're out in the sun all day when it's hot outside (or even if it's not hot), you may want to consider using a moisturizer because moisturizers help protect against UV rays that can damage your skin over time.

3. Primers Are Generally Thicker Than Moisturizers

If you've ever used a primer before, then you know that it's a thick and creamy . Moisturizers on the other hand are often more liquid-like than other facial products because they're meant to absorb into your skin quickly without clogging any pores or making your face feel heavy.

If you're looking for something that will help keep your makeup on longer and prevent it from getting oily throughout the day, using a moisturizer as a base before applying foundation is definitely worth trying out!

4. Primers Are Generally More Expensive Than Moisturizers

Primers cost more than moisturizers, but that's because they're a luxury products.

They're meant to make your makeup last longer and to help you achieve a smoother base for your face.

Primers are best used with powder foundations, but they can also be used alone on bare skin as well.


If you want to try using moisturizer as a primer, it’s best to get the one best for your skin type. If you do decide on using moisturizer as a makeup primer, we recommend using one that contains vitamins and antioxidants so that it will hydrate your skin while also serving as an anti-aging treatment.

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